Making Hot Sauce with Rebecca Hennessy

Had a great time today at Rebecca Hennessy and Michael Herring's lovely apartment, using their kitchen to make a homemade batch of the Bad Luck Woman hot sauce, along with Fraser Melvin. Wanna try the stuff? We'll have some for tasting at our Dakota show on Saturday April 14 at the Dakota Tavern. 


Pineapple mango hot sauce live with Raha Javanfar and Fraser Melvin and Michael Herring

Posted by Rebecca Hennessy on Wednesday, 11 April 2018

After the cooking show, we recorded a few tunes for Rebecca's YouTube series, "A Drop in the Ocean". Keep an eye peeled for them on her channel

RIP Jason Buie

The blues community across Canada is mourning the passing of our friend Jason Buie who died unexpectedly at the very young age of 47. In January, Jason kicked our butt at the Maple Blues Awards when he deservedly won the award for Best New Artist of the Year. It was an absolute thrill to jam with him afterward...that guy could play a million notes a minute on his guitar, and every second of it was tasteful. He was hilarious....a really fun fellow with a great attitude, and a clearly apparent love for his three children. 

On Friday April 6, the Toronto Blues Society brought together a number of musicians at Hugh's Room Live to pay tribute to our departed friend, and raise funds for his family who are now struggling without him. Please consider contributing to the GoFundMe campaign, open til the end of the month. 


Hot Sauce

That's right...introducing the first ever Bad Luck Woman Pineapple Mango ORIGINAL Hot Sauce!!


We've got bottles and bottles of this sweet stuff, and they'll be available at all our upcoming shows. It's a recipe Raha and Fraser started experimenting with over the summer (with hot peppers from their garden!), and that our friend Julian Katz perfected when he made a vat of the stuff at Stasis Preserves. 

Try it! It's sweet with a kick, perfect for topping hors d'oeuvre, (Personal favourite: crackers and cream cheese with a dollop on top) or even having on savoury dishes like fish tacos or jerk chicken. 


New Website!

We've got our new website up! Just in time to announce exciting spring and summer adventures. On April 14, we'll be releasing a new 7" single, as well as our original hot sauce at the Dakota Tavern! Check out the event page for all the details!

After that, we're hitting the road for a tour of the east coast. You can see these and all our upcoming dates on our calendar. 

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