East Coast Adventures

Our 10-day tour out east was a blast and a huge success! Our departure was sadly delayed by a day and a half (in typical Bad Luck Woman fashion) because of an intense ice storm that hit Toronto. When our van got stuck a block away from our apartment, we realized it might not be the best day to attempt driving across the country, but once we were on the road a couple days later, the skies cleared up and the weather turned around for the better. 

Our spacious band van allows for everybody to sprawl out to their heart's content.

Our spacious band van allows for everybody to sprawl out to their heart's content.


We just barely made it to Charlottetown in time to play at Baba's Lounge. It was nice to see our pal Tommy, the bartender, as well as our top island fan, JD, who also came to our gig the next day at Back Alley Records. To our delight, the soup of the day was a tomato spinach soup, which goes perfectly with a side of our CD, featuring the Spinach Song, which is now available for sale off the shelves of that record store!


From there, we met up with our friends Zak and Franny in Wolfville, and took some time to build a sturdy shelf for the back of our van, before driving it down to Ingramport for a lovely house concert at Steve Gilbert's gorgeous house. Steve (better known as his radio DJ personality, Trip Hazard), invited over 50 of his friends, and him and his wonderful wife Nancy treated us like stars while we stayed on their beautiful property. 


And then, of course, it was time to head to Halifax for a greasy Friday night at Bearly's. Like last time, we were treated wonderfully there, and made some new fans and had the pleasure of reconnecting with old ones too. 

Saturday found us in Antigonish at the Townhouse, one of Bad Luck Woman's favourite places to eat at, ever! There's a great little apartment to stay in above the bar where the beer is brewed, and the hospitality and kindness of the staff at the Townhouse is above and beyond any and all expectations. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 10.23.53 PM.png

Sunday we returned to Wolfville to play with our good buddy Zakary Miller at the Gaspereau Hall. It was a relaxed Sunday afternoon show, with a quiet but receptive audience. That's where we sold out of our 7" records! But first, we took a little day trip to Blue Rocks to get real close to the ocean, enjoy some delicious seafood, and take some silly selfies on the rocks. 


On Monday, on our way back east, we stopped in Woodstock, NB, to play at Creek Village Gallery & Cafe. Being a Monday, it was a bit quiet, but the handful of people who did come out were super rowdy and up for a good time. Not only did we have a great time at the Gallery, but we were then hosted by the ever so kind Paul and Chrstie who took us back to their inn to karaoke and party all night! 

On Tuesday, we played a delightful house concert in a small town in Quebec. The roads leading there were like driving on a roller coaster. Our host, Roy, was like a friend you just meet who you feel like you've known for a lifetime. He made a delicious pasta dinner for us, put us up in the funky guest house in the back of his property, invited all his friends, and even sent us home with beautiful beaded necklaces that he hand made! 

Our last stop before getting home was to play at the Atria in Oshawa on Wednesday night. We were all so exhausted, and couldn't wait to sleep in our own beds that night, but it was still fun to play one last gig before returning to TO.


All in all, we had a great time. We are so grateful to all the people who hosted us and provided free accommodations, meals, and audiences for us. We came back with far fewer bottles of hot sauce and CDs than we'd left with, and our hearts are full of maritime love. Can't wait to go back!