Etta James Tribute, Blues Summit, Maple Blues Awards, Rose

It's been a while since our last post and lots has been happening behind the scenes. 

At Last 2019: a Tribute to Etta James was a wonderful SOLD OUT hit at Lula Lounge on January 24. Lead by musical director (our very own!) Fraser Melvin, lead performers Dani Nash, Lydia Persaud, Claire Doyle, and Jenie Thai blew the audience away with their soulful renditions of Etta's songs, and super impressive backup vocals. Special appearance by Alana Bridgewater and Nicky Lawrence, and an opening set by Beau Dixon, made it a truly special night. Yours truly (Raha Javanfar, aka Bad Luck Woman) also sang a few songs and played some bass. 

Keep your eyes peeled for some video footage of the night and an announcement on the next date of this event! 

I wasn't able to participate in the entire Etta show this year because I've been performing in a musical at Soulpepper Theatre and we had a show that night! That's also why Bad Luck Woman & Her Misfortunes have been on a little hiatus lately. The musical is called Rose, an inspiring story that appeals to audiences of all ages. Check it out if you can!

 We will, however, crawl out of our winter hiatus for a brief appearance at the Blues Summit this weekend, where we'll be showcasing on Sunday night. 

I'll also be presenting the Cobalt Award for best new song at the Maple Blues Awards on Monday Feb 4. 

After that, keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming shows this spring and summer! 

Happy winter, everyone! 

- Raha, Bad Luck Woman